Worship healed me from anxiety and depression- my new book

Learn how to overcome anxiety and depression by reading my book: Worship Healed Me: From anxiety and depression.

Worship healed me

Would you like to renew your mind AND overcome fear?


you do not know how?

My newly released book allows you to learn about worship in spirit and truth. Furthermore, I write about the process the Holy Spirit took me through to overcome anxiety and depression.

You see, worship in spirit and truth is the way to discover your identity in Jesus Christ. In addition, it is how you can overcome the spirit of fear and deliverance from anxiety and depression.

You will learn how to:

  • Overcome mentally through the power of Jesus Christ
  • Use visualization and connect to God through the Holy Spirit
  • Renew your mind and the practices you need
  • How every area of your life is tied to worship
  • Tell the difference between religion and a relationship with God
  • Describe how the history of the Old Testament links to your past as a believer

Grab a copy of my book and read how I renewed my mind through guidance from the Holy Spirit.

For a copy of an e-book: Worship Healed Me: From anxiety and depression

For a print copy, find it here: Worship Healed Me: From anxiety and depression – print version

Yours truly,

Alarice Mitchell

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