How to Keep Yourself Present

Have you heard about how to keep yourself present in your mind? When you live in the present, you can concentrate on what you are doing in the now. However, if you have ever tried to stay in the present for a long time, you will notice that your mind starts to drift. The mind processes thousands of ideas that we can sometimes become overwhelmed with prioritizing and where to focus.

Keep yourself present in your mind

It Takes Practice being present!

Everyone struggles to concentrate, especially when faced with many obstacles or tasks. With practice, it becomes easier. However, there will always be times here and there when you get distracted. There are many distractions around us. Therefore, one needs to practice being present to keep your concentration fixed on what you are doing.

Practice being calm

Practice being composed in any circumstance. For this reason, it will help in your thought processing to make the right choices. You can become frustrated if you do not master being present at first. It is easy to make the wrong decisions when you are angry or frustrated. Being angry always gets negative results.

Give thanks in any situation

1 Thessalonians 5: 18 says, “Give thanks in every circumstance.” Things do not always turn out the way we think. However, if you remain composed and thankful, the outcome might not be as you predicted, but you will always have a positive result. Being thankful is an attitude to practice daily, in all circumstances. By being thankful, we acknowledge dependence on God as our source for everything in our lives.

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